Image Processing

Turning raw files into images

Magnus L Andersson

Here you find posts about our way of turning raw files into images we are happy with.

There is no “best” way of doing things, or results that count when in comes to photography. Hence, it’s ok to dislike our ways and results.

For a more detailed description of our process, have a look at our page on image processing using Lightroom as the basis. This page is never finished and evolves the more we learn.


The smell of developer is gone



If you like our work, you are more than welcome to follow us at Instagram or have a look at Fotosidan (Swedish site for photographers) or LFI (international site for mainly images captured by Leica equipment). You are also welcome to contact us at for questions about our work, and to share links to this post.


Film emulation – Normalization

From raw file to image

This is a brief introduction to how Look-Up Tables (LUTs) may be used establish a fast and consistent process from a raw file to an image based on traditional film emulations. The example is based on a raw file originating from a Lecia M Monochrom, but holds in principle for any raw file.

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