An argument at Bältespännarparken (Gothenburg, Sweden) with Leica M Monochrom (Leica Macro-Elmar-M 90mm f/4) by Magnus L Andersson ( at 2013-05-25 13:12:10

An argument

Even at young age, silence is a way to resolve problems.

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Magnus L Andersson




A decisive moment



Today there are many discussions about the definition, or rules, for so-called street photography that to us is rather academic. For instance, this image is not arranged, the kids are strangers to us, and most probably just bored. Still by us setting the title “An argument” we imply a situation that doesn’t really exist. Thereby we don’t arrange the image, but its interpretation. But even if we didn’t add a title, the image itself often steer the viewer in a certain direction and interpretation. Still, possibly far from the truth behind the image.


This photo was taken by Magnus L Andersson in (/, ) using a Leica M Monochrom (M9) with a Leica Macro-Elmar-M 90 mm f/4.


Our intentions were as described in the description to use a mundane situation as a basis for a grown-up reality – the silent argument. The trolley adds a dimension to the image since none of the kids actually look like they need it.


Camera: Leica M Monochrom (M9) (Leica)

Lens: Leica Macro-Elmar-M 90 mm f/4 (Leica)

Filter:  No

Medium: Memory Card Panasonic SDHC 16GB Gold Pro (Panasonic)


Scanner: No


Shutter speed:  sec

Focal length: mm

Aperture: f/

Exposure bias: EV 0

ISO rating: 


This shot was taken with the collapsible 90 mm lens which I often find difficult to use. In this case, I think it was the lens on the camera for the day and it worked out well. However, I would prefer some space on the right of the girl.

The exposure provided an unnecessary depth of field, but due to the sunny weather, there was not much space for other options that would result in a different image.


Processing by Magnus L Andersson


It’s always tricky to pick a film emulation for this kind of images since I want something with some contrast, but not too much as often is the case I think when it comes to “street photography”. I picked the Ilford Pan F Plus 50 emulation that in comparison to the normalized original slightly increases the lower part of the highlights since creates contrast through the highlights and not shadows. This gives, in my opinion, a friendlier impression. Note, this is the “characteristic curve” with respect to the normalized negative and not the traditional one for the film. We will come back to this in a number of forthcoming processing posts.

The choice of format was purely based on the fact that I wanted to create some space in the image, thereby emphasizing the relation among the kids.


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