Streetlife at Old Town (, ) with Leica M Monochrom (Leica Summaron-M 28mm f/5.6) by Magnus Andersson ( at 2019-06-16 17:45:23


Stockholm (Old Town) at tourist season.

(, /, )

Magnus L Andersson




Just another day



The Old Town of Stockholm is packed with tourists during the summer, and this just an attempt to capture the atmosphere of this happening.


This photo was taken by Magnus L Andersson in (/, ) using a Leica M Monochrom (M9) with a Leica Summaron-M 28 mm f/5.6.


The intention of the photo to try to find out how the Summaron-M 28 mm f/5.6 would depict a basic street of people with the bright sun in contrast to the shadows of the close buildings.

When I took the photo I don’t think I was aware of the child at the lower right corner, but it adds an aspect of interest to the image. However, the child is slightly out of focus, but that pulls the viewer’s intention to the child.


Camera: Leica M Monochrom (M9) (Leica)

Lens: Leica Summaron-M 28 mm f/5.6 (Leica)

Filter:  No

Medium: Memory Card Panasonic SDHC 16GB Gold Pro (Panasonic)


Scanner: No


Shutter speed:  sec

Focal length: mm

Aperture: f/

Exposure bias: EV 0

ISO rating: 


This is one of the first shots with the Summaron-M 28 mm f/5.6 and to see how it works at the maximal aperture in combination with automatic ISO and exposure time settings. In this case, the setting is difficult with a very bright sky between facades in shadow. The camera decided on ISO 320 and 1/250 sec that was, in my opinion, a good choice.

Based on less than 100 shots, it looks like the camera’s attempts to decide used aperture has a tendency to miss the target more often than with other lenses.


Processing by Magnus L Andersson


Due to the contrasts in the original, the people and buildings became underexposed and the sky was blown. Hence, increasing the exposure +2.0 improved the image, and since the sky was already gone no partial brightening was needed.

As often I decided on the Polaroid 665 Negative HC (Affinity) emulation to get the right contrasts in the image.


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